Special Courses

Would you like to work at a Japanese company more efficiently and smoothly? Would you like to fit in even more? You can do it by improving your communactions skills and by learning some basic Japanese. You also need to get to know the way of thinking and the attitude of the Japanese people. Since my 10+ years of experience in this field I can help and support your life in the following specific areas:

For foreign employees: Japanese courses

  • To learn the Japanese greetings and basic expressions
  • To develope a basic Japanese communications skills
  • To pick up a basic Japanese writing skills
  • To understand and deal with the Japanese cultural differences
  • To practice the Japanese language in business environment
  • To prepare for business trips

For Japanese employees: Hungarian / English / German courses

  • To have fewer difficulties in everday life in Hungary
  • To improve communication skills
  • To have successful meetings with foreign and Hungarian employees

For Japanese housewives: Hungarian / English courses

  • To be able to solve and manage everyday situations in Hungary
  • To be able to better organize the family's everyday life
  • To be able to use English / Hungarian for shopping, at restaurants, hospital, doctor, hair-dresser, travels, etc.

For Japanese children: Hungarian / English / German courses

  • To be successful in Hungarian / English / German classes at school
  • To improve language and communication skills
  • To receive help with homework
  • To be able to translate from Japanese to English / Hungarian / German skillfully
  • To be able to speak with Hungarian / foreign students

For Japanese businessmen: English courses

  • To be able to use English in a business environment
  • To be able to negotiate successfully with foreign business partners
  • To be able to communicate in English fluently at meetings
  • To be able to prepare English presentation materials
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