Please find below all my references related to Japanese teaching, translation and interpretation


Private lessons

- Teaching Hungarians for Japanese language (1998 - present)
- Teaching Japanese people for Hungarian, English and German (1998 - present)

Group lessons
- Katedra Language school: Teaching Japanese (2004)
- Tateyama company: Teaching Japanese for employees (2010. February – present)

Interpretation - Translation

Tateyama Satellite, KFKI Csillebérc  (April 5, 2010 - present)
- Interpretation, administration, teaching business English

Bayer, Germany (October, 2011)
- medical interpretation at an audit

Ryowa Hungary Kft. – Esztergom (March, 2010)
- Finance audit interpretation

Lector Translation office – Budapest (October, 2009 - present)
- Translation assignments (general and professional content)

Musashi Hungary Ltd.  – Ercsi (August, 2004 - present)
- Project assignments
- Technical interpreration (trainings; production area)
- Interpretation at finance audit
- Translation assignments (technical/financial content; presentation)

Ibiden Hungary Ltd. – Dunavarsány (December, 2004  - October, 2009)
- Interpretation and translation at the fields of Finance, Purchasing, HR, IT, GA &  Production
- Interprating at trainings, projects, meetings and also in Ministries. More details about my translations at this company:
- at job interviews for Japanese Management when employee were hired (2004 December-2005 March)
- at trainings, education (2 weeks training in Japan)
- at the IT network installation project
- at financial audits
- at the introduction of Oracle EBS project (financial and purchasing module)
- at meetings between the Japanese and Hungarian subcontractor
- at the procedure of applying and receiving Incentive-subsidy from the Hungarian  Government
- at meetings for Japanese Management in the Ministry of Finance and in the Ministry of Economy
- at the project of completing the company’s organization chart prepared by subcontractor
- all company regulations and contracts
- 3,5 year for the Japanese Financial Manager of the company
- Financial presentation materials

Europe Assistance – Budapest (summer, 2004)
- Interpretation and translation of medical terms